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Kuala Lumpur Social Escorts

Social Escorts in Kuala Lumpur

Social Escorts in Kuala Lumpur

In the olden days, royalty in certain countries utilized the services of social escorts, referred to as courtesans. Enjoying lavish lifestyles, they wielded considerable power and influence, and were well-educated and witty. Besides providing sexual services, they accompanied the royals on vacations, hunting jaunts, social functions and even political meetings. Till today, the social escort service has survived but, unfortunately, there is an emphasis on sexual encounters rather than the provision of companionship.

Before the advent of the Internet, Kuala Lumpur’s social escort industry was centred on Alor Road and Hicks Road (now Nagasari Road). A few of the establishments offered albums containing photographs of their escorts. Others had girls sitting on their premises. A man had to be thick-skinned in order to enter such places as both drags were heavy with pedestrian traffic. The Internet has revolutionized the social escort landscape, and a long list of agencies can be unearthed simply by using a search engine. Agency operators and independent escorts are even riding on Blogspot, Wordpress and Facebook to promote their services.

Since escorts only make outcalls to hotels, my buddy Charles Chow and I station ourselves in a hotel in Bukit Bintang. A bachelor in his early thirties, Charles is a habitue of the city’s night scene, and has many contacts in the vice industry. At the writing table, I do Internet searches for agencies on my laptop. Among the sites I trawl out is Daffodil Escort Services (its real name), which looks professionally designed, compared to others which are sheer crap. They offer local girls, foreign girls, models and VIP models. Though their rates are expensive, they claim, clients get what they pay for. Part of the information on the site states:

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Operational Hours.
    Daffodil Escort Services operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • 2. Contact Details.
    Please call or SMS us to make a booking. We are happy to answer your queries over the phone or by SMS. We do not respond to private numbers.
  • 3. Client’s Particulars.
    All information will be kept strictly confidential. We require a name, contact number, preferred time and an address (including hotel room number) to receive the Daffodil Escort girl.
  • 5. Payment.
    Please ensure you have the correct amount of cash (Malaysian currency) ready and make payment to the escort upon her arrival.
  • 6. Penalties.
    Any cancellation, rejection of the escort or replacement request will be subject to a surcharge of MYR60 for transportation and time lost. We are proud of the quality of our girls and models, and we do not take kindly to rejections from curiosity seekers.
  • 7. Escort’s Particulars.
    Please inform us of your requirements in terms of age, ethnicity, body type, language and more. We will endeavour to find for you a girl or model who matches your expectations.
  • 8. Special Requirements.
    Our girls and models offer companionship and private experiences for your private leisure, social or business requirements. Do inform us of any special requirements and we will do our best to accommodate them.
  • 9. Disclaimer.
    Our services are for the purposes of adult entertainment. What-ever is agreed on, and consented to, is between two adults of legal age, and money exchanged is for companionship only. Engagements taking place behind closed doors are between two consenting adults and our agency plays no role in it. Escorts are not allowed to negotiate or solicit for any more money for any other services.
  • 10. Privacy of information.
    We protect the privacy of the users of this website. We aim to offer users complete reliability and discretion. We guarantee that none of the data generated by this site will be treated, filed, electronically stored or used in any other way. However, please understand that information transmitted over public networks may be accessed by third parties; therefore DaffodilEscortGirls.com will not be liable for any such unauthorized disclosure.

Escort Service Rates

Escort Service Rates

Local Malaysian

1 hour: RM 200-400
2 hours (+ 1 hour free): RM 750
4 hours (+ 2 hours free): Call to enquire

China, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines & Vietnam Girls

1 hour: RM 170
2 hours (+ 1 hour free): RM 550
4 hours (+ 2 hours free): RM 750

Russian Girls

1 hour: RM 800
2 hours: RM 1500
3 hours: RM 2000
6 hours: RM 3000
12 h RM 4500
24 h RM 6000


1 hour: RM 300
3 hours: RM 870
4 hours: RM 1000
6 hours: RM 1200

For longer booking hours, please call for reservation

I call from my mobile phone. ‘Hello, Daffodil?’

A voice replies, ‘Yes, want to book escort?’

‘Yes, I want a local Chinese. One more for my roommate.’

‘What? Four people in one room? My girls may not agree.’ I hear the guy speak a mixture of English and Hokkien with someone. ‘One room – si ay lang ay sai boh? [Four people in a room, okay?]’

‘Hallo, hallo, that’s not the arrangement. I’ll be taking my girl out. My friend will be with his escort in the room.’

‘I see, I see. What type of escorts you require?’

‘Local Chinese, one hour. I want a lao jiao [veteran]. Age is not important, most important is she must be talkative, well-educated, and intelligent. My friend wants a VIP model. Sexy looking, sexy service and sexily dressed.’

‘Hotel and room number, please. Name under which it is booked. What time you want our escorts to come?’

I give him the details.

‘Both of you in your room now?’

‘Yes, we are.’

‘I’ll call back shortly.’

Charles anf Daffodil Escort

Charles anf Daffodil Escort

I turn to Charles, who’s sitting on the bed and bouncing up and down as though testing the springs. ‘The man says he’ll call back.’ Earlier, he has checked if the room safe worked. Always keep your wallets inside if you book a girl overnight, he advised.

He gets up, walks to the window, pulls one-half of the curtain aside, and looks down at the traffic. ‘Right now, he’s calling the reception. To check that so-and-so is booked in this room. That’s how they work, they also counter-check on clients. To screen out all prank calls.’

Ten minutes later, the phone on the side table rings. ‘Hello, I’m Steve from Daffodil. Yah, you want lao jiao [veteran], I’ll send you a friendly and sexy lao jiao.’ A loud chortle and a harrumph and then a pause. ‘She’s college graduate, late twenties. A high-class girl, only three hundred. Second girl is special VIP model, early twenties, four-five-zilo. Very pretty. Both speak good Ingrish. They can reach your hotel in two hours’ time. Our driver needs to pick them from two separate places. Traffic’s terribly heavy. Remember, you have ten minutes’ probation with our girls. After that, you cannot reject them.’

‘Yes, I understand.’ I put the phone down and turn to Charles. ‘We need to kill two hours before the escorts arrive.’

Epiphany strikes my buddy. ‘Hey, let’s buy presents for our escorts. They’ll be effective ice-breakers. The girls will be friendlier and give better service.’

From our hotel, we walk to Pavilion KL. Across the drag, traffic is blocked and we are penned in by the press of vehicles. We wait for almost five minutes until a gap occurs in the stream of taxis and cars, and cross Bukit Bintang Road to proceed along Sultan Ismail Road, swinging our shoulders like boy scouts on a trekking jaunt.

We scrutinize the store directory in the lobby. ‘I’m getting chocolates for my escort,’ I say. ‘Patchi Chocolate Gifts & Souvenirs, sixth floor.’

Charles rubs his chin. ‘Hmm … think I’ll buy perfume at Just Parfum, fourth floor. Which girl doesn’t like perfume?’

We amble over to the perfume shop, which earns RM200 from Charles for a bottle of fragrance packed in a glossy box neatly wrapped in a butterfly bow. At the chocolate store, I’m set back RM80 for a box of Belgian chocolates containing ‘no preservatives, no artificial flavours, no vegetable oil, only cocoa butter.’

Best escorts in Kuala Lumpur from Bukit Bintang and much more fun and happy

Best escorts in Kuala Lumpur from Bukit Bintang and much more fun and happy
Best escorts in Kuala Lumpur from Bukit Bintang and much more fun and happy
Best escorts in Kuala Lumpur from Bukit Bintang and much more fun and happy


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